Janson’s own words describe his meeting with the group:

“I told them openly and honestly that I did not agree with the gospel that they were used to, and why I believed as I did.

But to judge by the looks on their faces, they thought it was pretty funny. They looked around at each other, and one simply could not keep from smiling and nudging his neighbour with his elbow. Finally, it was as if a liberating sigh went through the entire congregation, and one or another of the bravest members confided in me that secretly, deep inside, he had thought the same as I, but he had simply not dared to say it out loud.

They readily put aside the old idolatry with Bible texts, the contradictory trinitarian dogma, the bloody teachings about atonement and eternal Hell. The hardest part was giving up their faith in Jesus as a god, but I reassured them with the thought that what we should agree about is to love Jesus and follow him. Then our opinion as to whether he was a god is a little detail that should not divide us.”