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Nora Church Turbine Pictures & Newspaper Articles

The idea of harnessing the power of the prairie wind was born with the founding of our church and became a reality 130 years later. Two years of congregational study, meetings, consultation and votes, led to a ground-breaking in November 2010 and the installation of the tower and turbine in March 2011.

Prairie Beacon corporation (of which Nora Church is the sole share-holder) currently leases the land on which the tower stands and operates the turbine, selling electricity to Nora Church and to the public utility through reverse metering. In 2016, grant restrictions requiring the separate corporation will expire, and Prairie Beacon may dissolve, with the ownership and operation of the tower and turbine shifting to the congregation.

The production of green electricity and the example of producing and using green electricity, grow out of Nora Church's commitment to economic, social and environmental justice.

March 10th, 2011
The turbine was erected.
Nora skyline - March 10, 2011

New Skyline with the Turbine
Nora skyline - May 15, 2011

Log Cabin & Turbine
The log cabin and turbine - May 15, 2011

- Newspaper Articles -

Hanska Herald - 11/25/2010

Mankato Free Press - 03/11/2011
Mankato Free Press - 11/22/2010

New Ulm Journal - 03/11/2011
New Ulm Journal -11/16/2010
New Ulm Journal - 11/22/2010

- Groundbreaking -

November 21, 2010 Slide Show

- Manufacturing -

(February, 2011)

Turbine Tail
Turbine Tail

Turbine Body
Turbine Body
Turbine Body

- Assembling & Raising The Tower -

Assembly - Day 1
Assembly - Day 2
Assembly - Day 3
Raising The Tower - Day 4

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