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Sunset on The Hill

“Each time I come down to Nora Church, I am again renewed by the wonderful feel of this place and where the church sits. Somehow this is holy land. Any of you who have stood in the cemetery and gazed across the fields, seen the distant trees etched against a flaming sunset sky have perhaps felt it. Depth, a vast openness, a sense of great sustenance that supports our lives as the soil supports our livelihoods and food. This place, this hill in Brown County, is one of those places where the deep core of things comes closer to the surface; close enough to touch the perceptions of our Spirits, and to bring us into a deep calm. It is a place where the great silent voice of the earth can be heard with the ears of the heart. Next time you’re there, take a moment to listen. Walk on the hill, listen to your heart and let your spirit rest on the solid ground of being that sustains all things.”

--- Written by the Rev. Phil Harper, who served us as an interim minister.

View a slide show from August, 2006 when Nora Celebrated 125 Years.

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The Parsonage

This Victorian home was built in 1906. It was first occupied by the Rev. and Mrs. Amandus Norman until his death in 1931. Dr. Norman served as our second minister from 1893 - 1931. The house serves as the parsonage for our current minister.

South side of the parsonage West side of the parsonage North side of the parsonage with the church in the background

The Log Cabin / Museum

One of the most unique features of the Nora Church grounds is the Log House Museum, or more properly the Ole Jorgensen Memorial Museum. It stands south of the church proper near a beautiful spreading white oak tree. The log house structure brings to mind in a meaningful way the early pioneers who struggled against such great odds to build a church home on this hill. Their household artifacts are here, the treasures they brought from Norway are here, and the very logs they hewed from the wilderness make up its walls.

Read a history of the museum.

The log cabin on smorgasbord day
The log cabin in the spring The log cabin at sunset
The log cabin in the winter The log cabin in the winter At the end of winter

Spring Cleanup

2010 Cleanup Day slide show

Two church youth working on the flower bed Cleaning the windows Outside maintenance

Syttende Mai Dinners at Nora UU Church

Buses arrive for the Syttende Mai dinner Bus passengers enter Nora UU Church Participants hear a brief history of our church Welcome to our Syttend Mai dinner The serving line Enjoying the dinner Dessert is served Strolling the grounds after dinner Nora UU Church Bell Tower

The Flower Communion

By tradition, the flower service is performed on the last Sunday before the summer break. Before the service, each member is asked to bring a flower and add it to several vases of flowers. These flowers represent our church community which is accepting of all. At the end of the service, individuals are asked to come forward and take a different flower than what he/she brought. Again, this represents the acceptance and respect that we all have for each other.

Flower communion Flower communion Flower communion Flower communion Flower communion Flower communion

Norwegian Smörgåsbord!
Country Store

(Nora Church is handicapped accessible.)

Our Norwegian Smörgåsbord/Country Store sale
is held the first Sunday in October.

The 2018 Smörgåsbord will be on Sunday, October 7th

Today’s date is:

Coffee at 10:00 a.m.
Country Store: 10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Church Service at 10:30 a.m.

Dinner Served - 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Adults ... $16.00
Children (6 - 12) ... $7.00
Children (5 and under) ... Free

Deviled Eggs, Herring, Tongue

Meatballs, Ham, Turkey,
Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Glazed Carrots,
Sot Supe, Rice Pudding, Rømmegrøt,
Lefse, Flatbrød,
Milk, Coffee, Lemonade

Norwegian Cookies:
Rosettes, Krumkake, Fattigmand, Sandbakkels & more...

(Drive-up Take-outs Available)

The Country Store will feature craft items, baked goods, garden produce and various children’s activities.

The Jorgenson Log Cabin Museum will be open to the public with someone present to answer questions and discuss the many historic treasurers from Norway and Hanska.

The south lawn of the church The walkway to the church Three women from our church dressed in Norwegian costumes More food for the serving line The serving line The serving line A view from the kitchen Two women in Norwegian costumes waiting to serve A woman in Norwegian costume and a visiting minister

The Blessing of the Animals Sunday Service

2010 Blessing of the Animals Slide Show

Wintry Scenes

December, 2005 slide show

Front view of the church in the winter The church on a frosty day The church on a wintry day

Our Musicians

Choir Director Gil Hanson Sally Hanson Muffie Kaim Jordan Kuelbs Mimi Kamleiter JoAnn Huss Nita Gilbert The Nora Choir
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